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  • Customized marketing, inspirational designs, illustrations, and graphic elements for your projects.

  • We develop solutions on diverse blockchain platforms, including Ethereum, Stellar, EOS, Tezos, and more.

  • We enable your businesses to build bespoke products and achieve organizational goals


  • We design and build end-to-end innovative blockchain solutions from smart contracts to NFT marketplace.

  • We follow an agile development approach to ensure on-time delivery of continuously tested NFT Marketplaces.

  • Our coherent roadmap ensures smooth and accelerated development and deployment


We offer a "one stop shop" solution for crypto clients bringing together crypto specialists for your marketing and dev plan.






NFT asset design

Intellectual property tokenization

NFT minting

  • Providing one-stop solution for your blockchain projects and helping entrepreneurs secure capital by building cutting-edge blockchain solutions.

  • Today, NFTs are fuelling the rise of new economic models and interconnected digital realities.

Smart contract development

Migrating NFTs

Cross-chain NFT platform development


We harness the expertise of our world-class talents and deep understanding of blockchain technology and NFTs to provide customized solutions for various needs. Our services range from creating tokenized assets to building a distinctive NFT marketplace.


We specialize in assisting you in constructing immutable smart contracts on leading blockchain platforms, which include Ethereum, TRON, EOS, Bitcoin, Binance Chain, Polygon, and Solana.

We provide the capability to tokenize business assets and aid companies in achieving enhanced reliability and transparency within complex, multi-step, multi-party business processes, such as supply chain management.


We construct NFT platforms and marketplaces that come equipped with cross-chain functionalities, including blockchain network interoperability, cross-chain transactions, and multi-token wallet systems. These features ensure an efficient, secure, and seamless exchange of NFTs across various blockchain networks.


We can provide you with an efficient NFT launchpad solution featuring a dedicated page for creators with custom domain names. Our platform prioritizes security and transparency for art objects and offers support to businesses, all at a minimal service fee.


We leverage the expertise of our exceptional talents and extensive understanding of blockchain technology and NFTs to provide bespoke solutions for a wide range of needs. Our offerings encompass crafting tokenized assets and crafting distinctive NFT marketplaces. NFTs have the capacity to encompass a diverse array of content, spanning digital art, music, virtual real estate, and even real-life experiences. This inherent flexibility renders NFTs a remarkable and adaptable tool for enhancing brand visibility and promotion.


We create NFT systems that support four main processes involved in NFT transactions:

  • Creating NFTs backed by unique assets, like artworks, collectibles, tickets, in-game staff, and more.

  • Submitting bids for an NFT in an NFT auction.

  • Transferring an NFT to a buyer’s crypto wallet.

  • Redeeming an NFT for a physical or digital asset.


Our team of NFT experts will provide consultation to help you determine the most suitable NFT product to develop, taking into account your project's objectives and desired outcomes. We will also assist in selecting the most appropriate set of technologies, including blockchain, to align with your project's needs and goals.


Our specialists will meticulously define the development specifications, provide estimates for the cost and time requirements, devise a comprehensive launch plan, and assign Calsoft's NFT experts to your project. This ensures a well-structured and efficient development process.


We create a mock-up of the NFT product, showcasing its anticipated appearance, user interface (UI/UX) design, features, implemented technologies, and discuss the release plan in detail. This process helps to visualize and refine the product before moving forward with development, ensuring alignment with your vision and goals.


Calsoft's NFT specialists customize the project to meet your specific requirements and carry out all necessary quality assurance operations to ensure its flawless performance. Throughout this stage, you can track progress and metrics using your preferred project management tool, ensuring transparency and accountability in the development process.

Benefits of NFTs

NFT Marketplace Development

Our comprehensive NFT marketplace development services encompass everything from front-end to back-end development, as well as smart contract development.

Our offerings encompass NFT creation, storefront exploration, wallet integration, bid placement, and NFT storage solutions.

NFT website development

NFT websites offer blockchain-based eCommerce platforms with a wealth of unique capabilities. For instance, businesses can enhance their clients' brands by either transforming real-life goods into digital assets minted as non-fungible tokens or creating entirely original digital goods of any scope. When integrated into a distinctive and user-friendly NFT website design, these projects become potent tools for attracting users, increasing revenue, and boosting brand awareness.

NFT app development

In NFT projects, our team of software engineers also specializes in crafting NFT applications for all major platforms, ensuring exceptional usability, a robust feature set, and an aesthetically pleasing user interface. Our software experts work diligently to reduce churn rates and enhance customer loyalty by providing users with a rewarding experience and addressing their smallest requirements. Whether you need a suite of native apps or a single cross-platform solution, we have you covered.

NFT staking projects

Calsoft's talented team can oversee the entire process of developing a platform that leverages non-fungible tokens for staking. This includes crafting an engaging user interface, refining every feature, and seamlessly integrating the platform into your ecosystem, if required. Our dedicated team will ensure that your project stands as a strong contender among popular NFT staking platforms like Kraken, Gemini, Coinbase, and more.

Auction portal development

Our team of experts and world-class developers is poised to deliver a bidding platform that is fully equipped to host secure and transparent NFT auctions, catering to the needs of administrators, sellers, and buyers. In addition to essential features, we can enhance bidding platforms with AI-powered feeds for buyers, real-time statistics, and automated workflows to optimize and streamline the NFT auction process.

NFT Lending platform development

As seasoned experts in software development and FinTech, Calsoft is well-equipped to design and develop a platform for managing loans with non-fungible tokens serving as collateral. Our team excels in all aspects, from creating exceptional designs and user experiences to ensuring rapid responsiveness and impeccable security. We are committed to building a solution that simplifies and enhances the management of loans using non-fungible tokens, making it accessible and efficient for a wide range of users.


We harness the expertise of our world-class talents and in-depth knowledge of blockchain and NFTs to provide customized solutions for a wide range of needs, spanning from crafting tokenized assets to creating distinctive NFT marketplaces. NFTs have the remarkable ability to encapsulate a diverse array of content, including digital art, music, virtual real estate, and real-life experiences. This versatility renders NFTs a unique and powerful tool for enhancing brand promotion.

​NFT minting platform

Calsoft's software development experts specialize in constructing and deploying platforms for the creation of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and their release onto the blockchain, a process known as minting. We configure the smart contract with all necessary data, including platform and creator fees, while also designing a user-friendly interface. Whether the platform is integrated into a blockchain ecosystem or operates as a standalone solution, our team ensures a seamless and efficient minting experience.

NFT games development

Calsoft possesses the capability to manage the complete process of full-fledged NFT game development. We specialize in crafting gaming platforms that allow players to earn non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that can be subsequently traded. NFT play-to-earn represents the future of the gaming industry, thanks to the deep engagement of players in both the gaming and asset trading aspects. Our technical experts can develop NFT-based games for all major platforms, including Web, Android, and iOS.

NFT streaming platform

We have the capability to develop a platform for content streaming using an NFT-based model. This innovative solution empowers both you and your users to tokenize and monetize various forms of content, including videos, music, podcasts, and live shows. The monetization options are versatile, allowing users to sell access to content through subscription models, single payments, or pay-per-view arrangements. Additionally, the platform serves as a content ownership registry, as each piece of content is tokenized, ensuring transparency and ownership tracking.

NFT art design

Calsoft's NFT artists excels in crafting the design of your tokenized assets in alignment with your brand identity and vision. These tokenized art pieces can be showcased and distributed through existing NFT marketplaces or custom-built ones, providing customers with the opportunity to own a one-of-a-kind digital item created by your company and demonstrate loyalty to your brand. Enhance your brand recognition by creating distinctive avatars, exclusive metaverse goods, or transforming existing assets into NFTs.

NFT Systems we Builds

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We design NFT systems that facilitate four primary processes within NFT transactions:

  • Creating NFTs backed by unique assets such as artworks, collectibles, tickets, in-game items, and more.

  • Placing bids for NFTs in NFT auctions.

  • Transferring NFTs to a buyer's crypto wallet.

  • Redeeming an NFT for a physical or digital asset.

Sample architecture of an NFT transaction ecosystem

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