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dCHAT is a conversational piece of software

dCHAT is powered by pre-programmed responses or artificial intelligence to answer questions without the need of a human operator. dCHAT provide development tools such as frameworks and API toolsets for customizable bot creation.



  • Emotional intelligence: In any conversational context, it is critical that each speaker responds to the other in an emotionally intelligent manner, paying careful attention to the emotional state of the other. This is no less true with a chatbot. dCHAT respond to the user in a way that is commensurate with their emotional state.

  • Conversational ability: dCHAT able to chat in a way that is natural and fluent, understanding the intent of what was said and responding appropriately.

  • Broad knowledge base: dCHAT can be integrated with a host of business systems or knowledge bases, giving them the ability to answer questions correctly and contextually

  • Personal: dCHAT connect to the user in a way that is bespoke and tailored to the individual. They take in personal information in a safe and secure manner and output a response which befits the question as well as the questioner.

  • Personality: dCHAT might work in some cases, but adding a bit of zest and personality can help unlock the full potential of these conversational agents. 

dCHAT is Built for Sales and Marketing

Sell products, book appointments, nurture leads, capture contact info, and build relationships all through Messenger.

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