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The development of reliable and scalable software solutions for any OS, browser and device. We develop unique and highly interactive applications which are robust and create brand image.  

  • Software consulting

  • Custom software development

  • Software development outsourcing

  • Software product development

  • Team augmentation

  • Cloud application development

  • Legacy software modernization


We create a unique and interactive design for all types of websites, SaaS, and web/mobile apps,  which brings a perfect blend of design, technology and strategy for building your brand. We combine the latest UI/UX trends and needs to deliver intuitive, vibrant, and impactful designs that power up businesses.


Blockchain has offered the most reliable and efficient way for industries to secure and decentralized systems, for recording and transferring the data. It also manages currency transactions. Our Blockchain services include, smart contract, NFT development, IoT, NFT exchange, and marketplace and Progressive web App. We  build the Blockchain applications and solutions using Ethereum, Stellar, Hyperledger, EOS, Hashgraph and Corda


We provide best solutions for design and development of highly interactive and inventory eCommerce and Point of Sale (PoS) platforms.

To deliver maximum efficiency, POS software integrates with e commerce,  ERP and inventory management solutions. Some of the features are, 

  • Customer relationship management tools

  • Supply chain and logistics

  • Accounting and finance

  • Employee management


We provide effective digital strategies which boost your online presence.

We provide solutions to increase online presence and drive more traffic sales to your online business 

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • App Store Optimization

  • Social Media Marketing

  • PPC Campaign

Our configurable and customizable CRM platform helps organizations effectively streamline their sales and marketing operations. 


We develop  IoT Applications to make your Workplace Smarter.

We develop IoT applications with next level of intelligence and connectivity  to automate your business process and enhance decision making

  • BLE Technology

  • Wearable Technology

  • Voice Enabled Technology


We build tailor-made, effective & scalable solutions that uniquely cater to your business.


See how our tailored data solutions fit your business too.


Calsoft provides retailers to manage, track and modify their store anywhere regardless of access from mobile or desktop and also offers features to sell everywhere, including online store, social media, online marketplaces. 

dSpeedUp and dInspira  is all-on-one eCommerce and Retail solution is built on the idea that retailers should access to the best possible set of tools, no matter their size of the business.  


Life-sciences companies have yet to realize the full potential of digital and analytics. Life-sciences companies are navigating unprecedented yet uncertain times. Calsoft optimise drug development timelines to get medicines and medical devices to market quickly by using next generation clinical trials platforms based on Digital Transformation by Big data, Analytics and AI integration. dsafeR Safety is a cloud based, user-friendly, easy to use, regulatory compliant end-to-end Pharmacovigilance / Drug safety system


Calsoft is designed to help you develop a system of approval workflows for finance processes. There are pre-built apps for purchase orders, invoices, expense reimbursements or you can create your own, depending on your requirements with zero coding. With standardized approval flows and fairly automated processes, you can make finance process automation a complete breeze.


Supply chain tracking, trade finance, digital assets, and identity management are among the blockchain applications that have progressed beyond the prototype stage by leveraging the blockchain. Blockchain platform that utilizes algorithmic decentralized stable coin protocol to provide foundational building blocks, bringing DeFi to the masses


We provide end-to-end video design, coding, testing, and deployment gaming solutions. We use Unity3D, Unreal, Cocos2Dx, Construct, and PlayCanvas to build fun games, we use the agile technique, which allows us to incorporate user feedback at every level.  We build epic games with captivating animation, rich UI/UX, and delightful storytelling across all platforms of your choice.


Fintechs powering digital commerce  will continue to see a huge spike in payment volumes in certain categories, such as, online groceries and e-commerce, bill payments, travel and entertainment. Creation of origination and underwriting platforms to allow lenders to digitally deploy funds to businesses and use of artificial intelligence (AI) to assign risk scores to businesses based on their ability to withstand the pandemic.



We build tailor-made, effective & scalable solutions that uniquely cater to your business.

dSpeedUp - eCommerce

dSpeedUp is the next generation and Highly Secured eCommerce Platform makes you create and run your online store, interact with customers, and keep all your inventory straightened out, a rich content marketing system, the ability to offer exciting promotions to your customers, and much more

dInspira PoS - Point of sale

d-INSPIRA POS helps the retailers for growing their business by managing inventory, processing payment, managing refunds, and returns, creating reports for analysing profits, etc.

We designed a user-friendly interface that’s fast to use and easy to learn and fast bulk products and categories uploading using EXCEL or CSV files , minimizing training time. All your data is synced to the cloud and accessible from anywhere.

dUltima - Omnichannel

dULTIMA is centralized channel management hub is fully integrated with  an advanced  dSPEEDUp's  eCommerce and dINSPIRA's POS solutions, dChat,  dWepay, loyalty and contactless payments, is the technology for the future.

​We broaden traditional omnichannel solution functions providing access to online and offline order history, the creation of trade accounts and individual price lists, data sheets download, the performance of single checkout processes, combining ‘click and collect’ with delivery options.


dBCTech and its application has the potential to impact most problematic industry challenges like supply chain management, asset tracking, claims management, proof of origin, KYC and KYS, eliminating middlemen, reducing costs, eliminating frauds and others. dBCTech creates decentralized networks or applications (dApps) built on blockchain to enable various financial services, Commerce services and supply chain management.


dWager provides user a hyper-casual games, multi-player RPGs, and VR games, games for mobile, PC, and online platforms, utilizing cutting-edge development technologies in the right way to deliver the most vibrant-looking games. Apart from the general live streaming technologies, the streaming platform also uses Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence. With the help of such new technologies, you can provide your audience with a vast collection of benefits.


dFinS provide financial services and products by using  to augment, streamline or digitial technologies. Our financial technology ecosystem 

with new business models in various sectors like lending and credit, payments, cryptocurrencies, wealthtech, challenger banks, regtech, blockchain, open banking,  insuretech and more. 


An end-to-end Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) system with integration to eTMF and Training Management Systems.

Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) ships with an inbuilt Master Data Management module to manage Sites, Investigators, Products and other master data in a centralised repository provides a higher level of re-usability of the information in different clinical trials.


dsafeR Safety is a cloud based, user-friendly, easy to use, regulatory compliant end-to-end Pharmacovigilance / Drug safety system. All-in-one system provides PV Intake, Case Processing, Regulatory Submissions / AS2 Gateway, Analytics, and Safety Signals capabilities under one platform.

Our team consists of several Physicians and Doctorates in Pharmacology with experience in Pharmacovigilance practices for trials across a wide array of therapeutic indications


Clinical Data warehouse and Analytics Console - dCliDAC is a secured, regulatory complaint Clinical Research Data Warehouse and Analytics System.

dCliDAC provides solutions with fact-based insights into clinical trial data, in order to assist your organization making informed business decisions, thereby helping your organization in increasing productivity and developing drugs in an effective manner, at a faster pace.



We specialised in developing and implementing Artificial Intelligence, IoT, machine Learning, Blockchain, Robust technology solutions for Life Sciences, FinTech, Gaming and E Commerce Solutions 


The world is moving to online. Are you ready?


dInspira, an integrated Supermarket POS System that offer a complete end to end solution for your supermarket,

  • Add thousands of products to your catalog quickly with our intuitive product import tools

  • Minimize out-of-stocks using reorder points and low stock alerts

  • Manage inventory across multiple stores with centralized tracking and easy store-to-store transfers


Stock and manage your apparel store inventory across all your stores and sales channels.

  • Import products individually or in bulk to track and manage products efficiently

  • Track details like sizes or colors, and use custom fields for unique product attributes

  • Reduce shrink and admin errors with built-in inventory counting features


dInspira makes it easy to build loyalty with customer profiles and other tools designed to help you impress.

  • Help customers find the perfect gift, even if you don't have it in stock, with special orders

  • Reward loyal customers with an easy-to-manage integrated loyalty program 


Manage your entire inventory—from home decor to furniture sets—across all your channels at once.

  • Add thousands of products to your catalog quickly with our intuitive product import tools

  • Minimize out-of-stocks using reorder points and low stock alerts

  • Manage inventory across multiple stores with centralized tracking and easy store-to-store transfers


  • Save time and quickly add or update products with the item import tool

  • Restock your store(s) directly from the POS with built-in purchase orders

  • Optimize your stock with data from more than 20 integrated inventory reports

  • Accept special order requests for products you don't have in stock


Powerful health supplement inventory management.

  • Restock efficiently with programmable reorder points

  • Handle your vendors and purchasing directly from the POS with built-in purchase orders

  • Organize your unique inventory with custom tags and categories

  • Manage stock for all your locations with easy item transfers and ensure your eCom quantity on hand is always up to date with an integrated system

dSPeedUp and dInspira PoS for your Retail Business

Because every business is different,  Calsoft has a variety of eCommerce and  POS options to help you take yours where you want it to go. Whether you run a restaurant, sell retail goods, book appointments, or just need a versatile  eCommerce and POS for whatever comes next, we have the ecommerce and point-of-sale software that will best support you and your unique business needs.


Leveraging distributed ledger technology for new, cutting-edge applications, and continues to evolve the use of blockchain into the future.

DeFi Product Development

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is the use of decentralized networks or applications (dApps) built on blockchain to enable various financial services. By using dApps, DeFi allows for permissionless financial operations to be conducted within a peer-to-peer network.

Blockchain Consulting

We can consult you about the purpose of blockchain technology and its strategic application in your particular case. Through a series of meetings and workshops, we help you identify your needs, define the value of Web3 in your specific case, and devise a roadmap for further action.

Token Offering

A token is a representation of а digital asset or access rights which can be traded. Tokens are usually managed by one or several smart contracts and are based on a blockchain platform (distributed ledger).

MVP and PoC Development

we offer a suite of enterprise blockchain services designed specifically to help projects navigate through the prototyping stage and later support then into moving the solution to production and support it.

Decentralised Application (dApp) Development

From token integration to frictionless UX design, Calsofttech provides end-to-end dApp development services powered by a hard-working team of blockchain engineers, full-stack developers and UX designers.

Smart Contract Development

smart contract is an agreement between two or more parties that is stored on a blockchain, such as Ethereum or EOS. Every such contract has a predefined set of rules and conditions and is automatically executed when those conditions are met.

Crypto Wallets Development 

We specialize in web and mobile cryptocurrency wallet development. This includes both custodial and non-custodial wallets. We also develop smart wallets and can offer wallet and crypto payments integration.

Tool Development

We builds developer tooling and SDKs for blockchain networks and protocols aimed at empowering the developer community to build and ship applications faster and better. This furthers our goal to support the adoption of blockchain technology.

Decentralised Organisations (Dos and DAOs)

Decentralized Organizations and Continuous Organizations are two types of decentralized blockchain solutions for the governance of organizations. Some of the main use cases for DAOs and COs are investment funds (for profit or not for profit), digital cooperatives, and Web3 communities.

Blockchain Services

Our experts can help you enable blockchain and transform your business.


Businesses, particularly those dealing directly with digital content, can establish an NFT marketplace and attract millions of artists to display their work


Calsoft  optimise your development timelines to get medicines and medical devices to market quickly using next generation clinical trials platforms based on Digital Transformation by Big data, Analytics and AI integration.


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We help traders to run business efficiently with advanced ecommerce and PoS platforms, Integrated Payments, Loyalty, Inventory, WMS, Stocktake and integrations



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