CS-eCom is Powerful and 
Highly Secured eCommerce Platform 

Build your online store with the Rock-Solid foundation of a powerful e Commerce platform

Regardless of your current state, create a robust, differentiated offering without compromising security, stability, or scalability through CS-eCom,  which is most flexibe and extensible, supported by extensive specialized services,  CS-eCom empowers you to rise above complexity — and ultimately focus on optimizing your business for growth.

Design with Freedom

Spark creativity and craft beautiful store experiences with design tools that know no bounds.

Operate without Worry

Tame operational complexity with an easy-to-use, secure platform that's up when you need it most.

Outperform the Competition

Deliver lightning-fast commerce experiences that keep your customers coming back for more.

Innovate your commerce experiences into reality with the flexibility

Stay Agile
Seize market opportunities and unleash new experiences at the speed of your business.

Omni-channel Commerce
Craft content-rich experiences anywhere your audience takes you.

Integrate Anything
Make unifying your back-end or powering up with rock solid platform

A Flexible Framework
How Burrow chose CS-eCom for customization and flexible feature integrations.

Scale and grow smarter without complexity

holding you back



Your choice of front-end experience is a key consideration in your business strategy. At the end of the day, the eCommerce technology you plug in needs to do one thing,  work the way you need it to. That’s why we’ve partnered with best-in-breed agencies, developers, and technology partners to build integrations and APIs  without compromise.​

Push your UX/CX forward

eCommerce meets you where you need commerce functionality. Deliver API-driven experiences through your CMS, DXP, application, device, or custom front-end — with CS-eCom powering the commerce engine.

Power multiple stores on multiple platforms

With CS-eCom , we've decoupled the presentation layer from our commerce engine, giving you the freedom to simultaneously run multiple stores across various front-end solutions — all from a single CS-eCom  account.

Build on top of sophisticated APIs

Create commerce experiences in other platforms with our powerful APIs. The core components of our platform are open to extension and connection to any other environment, so you can increase efficiencies and reduce bottlenecks.

CS-eCom is Next Generation and Highly Secured eCommerce Platform 

Bridging content and commerce like never before

Modern consumers crave retail experiences above and beyond transactional exchanges to win their dollars and their loyalty. Content — written, filmed, recorded or otherwise — is the key. Our commerce tool plugs into your experience, enabling sleek checkout for customers and security peace of mind for your business

Content + Customisation

From highly customised react.js or angular sites to a CMS, you can integrate even the most complex commerce requirements with your most beautiful work. You don't have to compromise your content to combine it with agile, flexible eCommerce.

Experience + Shopping

High-touch customer experiences? Perfected your UX? Good. Tap into our APIs to bring commerce functionality seamlessly into the systems and experiences you've built for your shoppers. You bring the wow factor. We'll bring a robust eCommerce engine built to scale with you.

Scalability + Simplicity

Streamline how you sell online with reduced IT overhead on a modern, open SaaS platform. Sell across multiple sites, devices, applications, social channels, and manage it all in one place. Our Channels API lets you handle it all from one control panel.

Deliver Differentiated Commerce Experiences

Product Category Pages

If you want to add subcategories, upload images, manage SEO or all of the above, we have the tools you need to customize products.

Search Functionality

Help customers locate items quickly and easily with our advanced search tools. 

Homepage Slideshow

Highlight discounts and products directly on your homepage with our free, professionally-designed Slideshow feature!

Logo + Favicon upload

Showcase your brand across your site with our built in promotional tools. 

Responsive Themes

Whether your customers are tapping on their phones or clicking on a desktop, our fully customizable themes adapt to any device. 

Rich Content Editor

Our intuitive Easy Editor tool lets you make changes to your store on the fly

Custom Domain

Make your store your own and optimize it for sales with a custom domain that lets shoppers — and search engines — easily access your site. 

Navigation Editor

Give your customers a stellar shopping experience with a variety of navigation styles designed to help them browse with ease.

With eye-catching product pages, an intuitive order system, comprehensive payment processing and more, CS-eCom makes it easy to start selling.

Product Pages 

Fully merchandise your products with multiple photos, videos and item details that brilliantly showcase everything that’s great about what you sell. 

Barcode Generator

Create custom barcodes for your products, making inventory management a breeze. 

Drop Shipping

Expand your sales potential with our state-of-the-art drop shipping integration.

Gateway and Payment Processing

Get paid your way with credit cards, Amazon Pay, cash, wire payment, PayPal, Stripe, electronic checks and money orders! 

Process Orders

When the orders start rolling in, we’ve got your back. CS-eCom lets you easily process site, phone and mobile orders, so you can go make more sales!

Vendor Codes

Create custom codes for vendors that make managing stock simple and efficient.

Recurring Pricing

Have a product that you need to regularly collect payment on? Our Recurring Pricing tool makes it easy for you to get paid on time.

Product Display CustomizationGive shoppers the info they want with reviews, social sharing, availability notifications and a Recent History feature.

Manage Returns

Take the headache out of returns management with our simple and intuitive system.

Secure Site

Your store has a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Additionally, our SSL certificates ensure that your store is further protected — and Google-friendly.

Related Products

Entice customers to buy more with our Related Products feature, which displays items related to previous purchases.


Easily set up your warehouse locations and calculate shipping rates.

Shipping Options

Ship savvy: with Volusion you can specify shipping types, require a signature, offer special discounts, provide flat options and set overall shipping rates.

Shipping Options

Ship savvy: with Volusion you can specify shipping types, require a signature, offer special discounts, provide flat options and set overall shipping rates.


Take the stress out of inventory management with our easy-to-use system, which displays product status, tracks stock reorder quantity levels, provides quantity verification and sends low stock alarms.

Manage Customer Accounts

Keep your finger on the pulse of your store — your customers! — with our insightful management system, which lets you see purchase history and contact information.


Manage sales tickets and route them to specific departments with our easy-to-use CRM system.

Manage Customer Reviews
Feel the love and get to know your shoppers with detailed customer review management

Tax Rate Calculator

Calculate tax rates and stay up-to-date on pricing with our handy tax calculator.

Store Management Mobile App

Take your store wherever you go with our free and easy mobile app, which has all the tools you need to keep things running smoothly. 

Product Variant Pricing
Name your price: our Product Variant feature lets you set the dollar amount you want on any item!

Import Products Via CSV

Manage and update your inventory with ease by simply uploading a CSV file!

Firewall Settings

Block or allow certain traffic to your site with customizable firewall settings. 


Streamline your inventory replenish and Create POs when an item gets sold!

Set Up a Knowledge Base for Your Customers

Knowledge is power: offer your customers a comprehensive knowledge base to become their go-to source of information in your industry. 

Admin Permissions + History

Create user admin roles and permissions to access your admin, letting you have complete control of your store.Additionally, easily view your admin history to keep track of changes to your site.

Define Currency

Sell across the globe with our nifty currency tools.

CS-eCom’s state-of-the-art SEO tools, social integrations and reporting features make it easy to keep tabs on your store while taking your business even further.

Powerful SEO

Easily manage all of your metadata — such as descriptions, title tags, URLs and more — to keep your pages, products and categories SEO-friendly.

Sell on Facebook, Ebay and Amazon

Expand your store to Facebook, Ebay, Amazon and beyond.  Additionally, enjoy Facebook store management right from your Volusion admin!

Admin Social Management

Link your social accounts to your store, and even post to Facebook and Twitter from the comfort of your own admin.

ROI Tracking

Take a look at how valuable your investments are with comprehensive ROI tracking based on affiliates, ad campaigns and newsletters.

Gift Cards

Get giving: generate and manage store gift cards to provide shoppers with exactly what they want.

Create Reports

Get insights about everything from abandoned and live carts, purchases, RMAs, Product and Category views and CRM tickets.

Additionally, send helpful reminder emails to folks who have abandoned carts waiting in the wings.

Create Discounts

Keep your customers coming back for more by creating discounts with a custom start time, duration and percentage or dollar amount.

Additionally, define code names and usages for discounts, and link them to specific products, categories or your store itself.


Extra, extra! Our Newsletters feature helps you keep customers in the know.

Deal of The Day

Create a Deal of the Day so that shoppers will keep an eye on their inboxes!