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CS-eCom has highly-customizable eCommerce website themes

  • The Core Template Engine uses modular code that works with multiple themes built to modern, mobile-friendly standards with a powerful, intuitive Content Management System (CMS) , support for multiple website page types including products and blog posts, and modular, flexible design capabilities, everything you need is at your fingertips.

  • Core themes use responsive design, which adjusts to every screen to provide the best possible shopping experience to both mobile and desktop customers.

  • Automatic integration of Google AMP for product pages, which provides additional speed on mobile via instantaneous page loading.

  • Optimized code to ensure the important page elements load first, so your customers never have to wait to start browsing.

  • The features of website builder, includes,   WYSIWYG editor —Customers will see using our WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor that previews how your site will be published to the Internet. 


The following types of websites can be build with CS-eCom

  • Dropshipping

  • Arts and crafts

  • Apparel

  • Furniture

  • Hardware

  • Electronics

  • Book

  • Toys and games

  • Music and band merchandise


The Ultimate Mobile-Friendly Website Features 

  • Presently, 75% of online sales will come from mobile shopping and mobile commerce is still growing with more online customers preferring to shop from mobile every year. 

  • CS-eCom's Core Template Engine is more than just a store theme design framework, On mobile, CS-eCom adopted features like single-page checkout, Google AMP, one-touch payments, and other high-performance mobile technology.

  • Google AMP - Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) allows for instantaneous page loading on mobile devices, which is preferred both by customers and by Google's SEO standards.

  • AJAX implementation - AJAX coding allows page data to refresh in the background without causing the whole page to reload, so customers can add products to their cart, sign up for your newsletter and more without being forced to wait for the page to load again.

  • Fast loading - Code optimized for fast loading speeds

  • Website code like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript affects the speed of the website due to the way the web browser reads and interprets the code.

  • CS-eCom  websites are coded in the most efficient manner, e.g. with JavaScript deferred to the end of the page load process, to ensure pages become usable to the customer as quickly as possible.

Back to School
  • Manage and sell  more than 100,000 products — Create multiple products, including variations, such as size and colour

  • Multiple product variations and options — Quickly create different variations of products, such as sizes and/or colours. 

  • Product category and subcategory levels

  • Bulk upload of product information 

  • Real-time inventory control Manage and track inventory across multiple warehouse locations.

  • Customizable product display layout templates 

  • Unlimited number of photos per product 

  • Sell personalized products — Use "personalization" to sell products that can be customized for each customer. 

  • Sell downloadable products — For services and products that do not ship

  • Bring Your Products to Life with Images and Video

  • CS-eCom gives you unlimited storage and bandwidth, hence no restrictions on media you can upload to your product pages

  • Unlimited Product Images /  Dynamic Zoom / Embedded Video

Convenient Online Product Catalogue

Geometric Objects

Merchandising, Offers and Promotions

Discount offers and coupon codes

  • Multiple price levels —Gift certificates — Robust gift certificate management system allows the use of gift certificates for multiple purchases.

  • Featured products — Grab your customer's attention by prominently displaying your best products.

  • Recommended products — Display related products for cross-selling on the product detail pages.

  • Email a friend — Get more visitors by letting your customers email the product information to their friends.

  • Maintain order history-  Use order history to make marketing and/or customer service related decisions regarding customers' purchase behaviour.

  • Product reviews —You maintain complete control over who can post a product review. Great for generating feedback about your online store.

  • Shopping lists — Allows customers to create and manage their own shopping lists, wish lists, and registries.

  • Mailing lists —Manage and export your mailing lists to companies such as Constant Contact, to deliver email messages and newsletters to your subscribing customers.

  • Organize customers by groups — Assign groups to a certain price level, such as bulk or wholesale customers. Isolate groups for email marketing purposes.

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Reliable and Secure Shopping Cart

  • All transactions are encrypted with  shared  256-Bit SSL security, for increased security and Payment Card Industry (PCI)-compliant.

  • One-Page or Three-Page Checkout

  • CS-eCom provides the option to use the traditional three-page checkout or choose a single-page checkout right out of the box

  • Customer Accounts and Guest Checkout

  • Customers can create accounts or prefer to remain as guests.

  • You can present them with the option to sign up at the end of the checkout process, when even the most reluctant customers are more likely to decide to create an account to save their information.

  • You can send the customer to their View Cart page, take them directly to checkout, or simply add the product to their cart without sending them anywhere.

  • Recover Abandoned Carts

  • Cart abandonment is a situation in which a customer puts items into their cart,  but leaves your website without completing the transaction.

  • CS-eCom’s cart abandonment recovery solution lets you send automated emails to customers with abandoned carts and can include a discount as an incentive for the customer to complete their purchase.

Cotton Flowers

CS-eCom provides multiple payment gateways

  • Online payment methods — Our ecommerce shopping cart allows checkout via Merchant Account, PayPal® Express and Google® Checkout.

  • Offline payment methods — For shoppers who prefer alternative payment methods, accept offline credit card processing, checks, customer accounts, cash on delivery, purchase orders, phone orders and in-store payments.
    Password restriction for multiple pricing levels — Create tiered pricing levels that apply to specified customer groups (e.g., wholesalers).

  • Express checkout — Registered customers can sign-up to bypass re-entering their shipping or billing information for every order.

  • Customizable checkout questions — Create custom questions in the checkout process to learn more about your customers

  • Track and view order history - The tracking number is automatically linked to the carrier's website.

  • Automated order confirmation emails — Customize the design and content of your order confirmation emails. 

  • Bulk import/export of order information 

  • Order editing capability — Save time and gain accuracy by modifying an existing order in real time

  • Back-end order entry — Input phone orders using the back-end order entry system. 

Beauty Products

Integration with 3rd Party Plug-ins

CS-eCom is compatible with numerous third-party providers of online business services to enhance your ecommerce shopping cart. 

  • Google Checkout™ - Google Checkout™ integration enables your customers to buy from you quickly and securely, using a single username and password. 

  • Google Web Analytics : Google Analytics will allow you to quickly and effectively track and understand your advertising campaigns, find out what's working and what's not, and save you money. 

  •® — MyRegistry® allows customers to add your products to an ecommerce gift registry. 

  • PayPal® — PayPal's system is a real-time payment service that allows your customers to pay with their credit and debit cards or bank transfers. 

  • QuickBooks® Financial and Point of Sale (POS) Software —QuickBooks is the leading small business financial software and is used by millions of small business owners. 

  • Stone Edge —The Order Manager makes it easy to import orders from your shopping cart and then gives you the tools you need to manage your business efficiently. 

  • TrueShip® Shipping Software — ReadyShipper makes shipping all your Network Solutions orders a breeze. See why thousands of ecommerce merchants use it for FedEx, UPS and USPS. 

  • UPS OnLine® Tools — Our Ecommerce platform contains robust UPS OnLine Tools! With integrated UPS functionality, you and your customers can start taking advantage of the benefits of ecommerce. 


Brand Building - Start Your Online Campaign

  • Online Marketing and Search Engine Readiness
    For customers to find your online store, it first has to be found by search engines. CS-eCom  is equipped with search-engine-friendly designs, including search engine optimized site code and XML sitemap, to help make this happen. 

  • Brand Design & Strategy
    Give your brand an image that customers want to buy your products/ services at premium price. 

  • Social Media Management
    We will manage your social media accounts to increase the engagement of your audience with your brand. 

  • Online Advertisements
    Generate most profitable leads/ sales for your business through various platforms 

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    Get the first-page ranking of your most important keywords on Search Engines (Google) 

  • Copy writing & Strategy
    Words can make you fall in love or may start war between the two countries. It all depends on how you use them. 

  • Email Marketing
    On average, every $1 spent on email marketing gives you a return of $44 

  • Audience Analytics
    “Data is the New Oil,” and if you are not collecting it, then you are hurting your business each second