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Why to Start an eCommerce Business

According to statistics, in 2017 around 1.66 billion people chose to shop online. Also, the e-retailing sale was 2.3 trillion U.S. dollars in 2017 and it is forecasted that e-retailing sales would increase to 4.48 trillion USD until 2021 as per the report by Statista.


Businesses need to rise to the occasion when it comes to selling online, and only the most cutting-edge solutions will do.

  • 4.4+ Billion  - Worldwide more than 4.4 billion people out of 7  billion  people are using internet

  • Google  - 3.5 billion searches are processed every day on Google

  • Twitter - 330 million monthly active users who create 500 million tweets each day.

  • Instagram - 1 billion monthly active users posting 100+ million pics and videos each day.

  • Facebook - 2.6 billion monthly active users.

  • You Tube -1 billion hours of content is watched each day on YouTube

  • Text Articles -4.5 million blog posts are written everyday on various websites.


Bring your business online and convert

your online customers to increase your profits.

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  • CS- eCom is all-on-one eCommerce solution is built on the idea that you should have access to the best possible set of tools, no matter the size of your business.  

  • Whether you're a fresh new startup working out of your garage or a multimillion-dollar international company,  CS-eCom  has what you need to achieve new milestones and grow your brand.

  • The foremost step is to find a Unique Selling Proposition (USP)  of your business  for the smooth flow of your e-commerce business.  Initially, you need to decide the form of and the USP of the business based on, 

  • Competition- E-commerce is the most competitive business world. 

  • Product Category

  • Focus on limited niche products or new products that are not available in existing e-commerce sites. 

  • Target Market- Understanding the target market is extremely important, you should always draw your perfect customer. 

  • CS-eCom provide the newest and best solutions for each aspect of eCommerce business. 

Why CS-eCom for your  Business

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  • Digital disruption and emerging tech forces are utterly transforming the global ecommerce landscape, along with the behaviours and needs of today’s ever-demanding consumers. 

  • CS-eCom designed to driving massive transformation, any brand selling online must consider these forces of digital transformation when building best-of-breed technology systems to capitalize on ever-changing consumer preferences.

  • An ecosystem approach, CS-eCom is  the combination of best-of-breed platforms in order to create a modular ecommerce solution, is one that can empower brands to tackle the shifting tides of digital transformation and future-proof their business.

  • CS-eCom is a SaaS based, highly secured powerful e-commerce platform designed to build B2C and B2B online stores, is supported by dedicated Team of Support, Server Admins and Developers.   

  • CS-eCom empowers you to rise above complexity, which include a website builder, shopping cart software, Inventory management, real-time shipping and credit card processing capabilities — and ultimately focus on optimizing your business for growth.

CS-eCom is the Next Generation and Highly Secured eCommerce Platform based on Digital Transformation of E Commerce Solutions by AI Integration 

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Features of CS-eCom makes you create and run your online store, interact with customers, and keep all your inventory straightened out, a rich content marketing system, the ability to offer exciting promotions to your customers, and much more, features includes, but not limited to,

  • Mobile Commerce

  • Customizable Design Options

  • Product Catalogue

  • User Reviews

  • Inventory Management

  • Search Functionality

  • Bidding

  • Returns and Exchange

  • Recommended Products

  • Discounts and Offers

  • Integration with other applications

  • Site Security

  • Customisable Design Options