• The emergence of the CsDigital platform aims to ease the software-driven enterprise transformation and promote industry upgrading. CsDigital provides an alternative delivery model than the traditional ITS delivery model. During the delivery process, CsDigital helps the vendor and the buyer to find a satisfactory price.  CsDigital is integrating the idea of shared economy and crowd sourcing into the ITS market.

  • The company pushed out the cloud software parks and used CsDigital as its vehicle to expand new industries, provide new services, and bring in new technologies and ideas. There are many paths to cloud adoption. However, to gain the efficiency, scalability and agility required to drive innovation, organizations need an anchor partner with cloud-first experience. From selecting the right cloud vendors, cloud architecture, to cloud security solutions, CsDigital provides the full spectrum of cloud strategy services required to design, deploy and manage cloud environments.

  • CsDigital works closely with clients to understand their complete business environment. We build a framework for cloud approaches (public, private, and hybrid), cloud types, reference architectures, security policy and cloud management platform. With the help of our strategic partnerships, we assess current state of applications and infrastructure and recommend the most efficient and optimal to-be state.

  • This new model will be an O2O model (Online to Offline) running on platforms and sharing, leasing, research and development, and other services that are based on the Cloud. Calsoft plan to launch CsDigital Software Park in Indian cities such as Chennai, Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore and as well as globally, Middle East, USA, Canada and Europe.

  • By 2020, Calsoft envisages to achieve 10-time growth in this field.  The goal is to “share the same boat” with technology driven companies and continue to improve end customers’ satisfactions.