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Clinical Data warehouse

and Analytics Console


Clinical Data warehouse and Analytics Console - CLIDAC is a secured, regulatory complaint Clinical Research Data Warehouse and Analytics System.

  • CLIDAC provides solutions with fact-based insights into clinical trial data, in order to assist your organization making informed business decisions, thereby helping your organization in increasing productivity and developing drugs in an effectivemanner, at a faster pace.


CLIDAC helps in

  • Standardization including SDTM transformation

  • Data reconciliation

  • Ongoing medical review

  • Safety monitoring and signal detection

  • Cross-study analysis

  • Single data storage for data mining and visualization

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Transformation / Standardization

Using CLIDAC’s Transformation module, loaded source data can be converted to any target standards including SDTM standard using the UI based mapping features. CLIDAC supports custom transformations using SAS, Oracle and R programming languages.


Following are the components of this Module.

Standards library:-
  • SDTM standards are automatically available in the Standards library when there is a new SDTM version released by CDISC

  • SDTM and Company Standards shall be defined in the Standards metadata module

  • CLIDAC can be integrated with any MDR system to get the desired standards

Mapping Library:-

The list of target domain mapping stated below can be maintained in the Global library or at the Study library. System has the flexibility to be copy from study to study.

  • Source to target standard element mapping

  • The predefined derivations methods & contributing element

  • User defined derivation methods & custom programs

The list of target domain mapping stated below can be maintained in the Global library or at the Study library. The system has the flexibility to be copied from study to study

Documents and Images

CLIDAC has the capability to Load and Store Regulatory documents, Non-regulatory documents, Study documents, Site documents, Patient documents/images, Study deviation documents, Study mapping files in user defined study containers.


CLIDAC Automation and AI platform is designed specifically for the clinical trial enterprises. It applies advanced automation & AI algorithms to reduce man power, improve performance and save time. Notifications and follow-ups can be generated automatically without any human intervention using configurable workflow engine.



Using CLIDAC’s Coding module, loaded source data/transformed data can be Coded, Recoded and Up versioned using MedDRA, WHODD or any other company dictionaries.

Following are the components of this Module.

Coding Library:-
  • MedDRA, WHODD, Company standard dictionaries, Synonym lists can be imported into CLIDAC’s coding library

  • CLIDAC can be integrated to any Coding systems or transactional system (like TMS and Argus) to Load/Get the dictionary data, synonyms into the coding library

  • Business users can configure the studies, the domains, and the dictionary to which the data has to be coded

  • Omissions and Coding change reports can be generated at the end of coding for review and action

  • Reassignments and Synonyms lists can be updated and it is possible to rerun the coding

Data Pooling

Using CLIDAC’s Data Pooling module, loaded source data/transformed data/coded data can be pooled/consolidated in a Standard area for reporting and analysis. This data can be used for

  • Cross-study analysis

  • Data mining

  • Single data storage for visualization

  • Reports and Analysis


CLIDAC’s Reconciliation module can be used to reconcile clinical and safety data.

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