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Our story began in Chennai, India in 1992

Back then it was just a few of us developing specialised enterprising software solutions from a small room. Fast forward a couple of decades and we’re one of the Innovative Technology Solution Provider for clients in the financial markets, wealth management, traffic and telecommunication sectors.

We will leverage the global market, lead technological revolutions, establish industry ecosystem and strive to become a top global ITS Enterprise.

We will leverage the global market, lead technological revolutions, establish industry ecosystem and strive to become a top global ITS Enterprise. This is our vision of active offence, and starting again, we have set a “mission” to reach 1 billion revenue by 2025 and we just keep growing…


  • 1992 - Year of incorporation

  • 1996 -  Listed on major stock exchanges in India

  • 2004 -  Acquired 100% stake in Webspectrum Software Ltd., Bangalore, India

  • 2005 -  SEI-CMMi Level 5 certification Acquired majority holding in Informed Decisions Corp., Alameda. CA

  • 2005 - Acquired majority holding in American HealthNet (AHN) Omaha, Nebraska Set up office in Dubai, UAE

  • 2006-  Acquired majority stake in Inatech Infosolutions , London, UK & Bangalore, India

  • 2007 - Acquired majority stake in Aspire Communications Mysore, India & San Jose, USA 

  • 2008 -  Completed 100% acquisition of Inatech Infosolutions.

  • 2008- Acquired 100% stake in International Innovations Inc., USA 


The world we live in is changing in so many ways, and our clients are embarking on far-reaching transformations. Our business is also experiencing sweeping changes. calsoft is adapting and adjusting to its environment to maintain and strengthen its enduring partnerships with clients, just as it has always done over the past 25 years.


Due to the changes resulting from digital transformation, business related issues are becoming increasingly significant within the digital services market. Going forward, we are optimistic and determined, mindful of what we need to do to reach our mission… integrate more than 1000 contracting companies, 10000 service providers and 100,000 professionals.

Businesses across the world are embracing digital technologies in a manner and pace never seen before in industrial history. Thanks to breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, automation and robotics, the human-machine collaboration model has also metamorphosed: humans now give machines the first right of refusal on time-intensive and complex tasks.


Calsoft focused on developing core modernization, digital engineering and connected products, artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics, intelligent process automation, industry and platform solutions, and interactive customer experiences. These capabilities form the core of Calsoft’s digital strategy, which we are committed to executing. We see ample headroom for growth in all these areas, which offer strong margin profiles and a combined market opportunity that we estimate to be in the  hundreds of billions of dollars.


Calsoft is positioned to provide integrated software and information services, i.e. end-to-end IT services, including consulting services, technical services, outsourcing services, and training services.  The technical services mainly involve IT solutions and outsourcing services, including ITO, BPO, EPO, and more.


Acquisitions are essential to building critical skills and capabilities in strategic, high-growth areas, which enhance our differentiation and drive organic growth. From 2017 onwards, we are in the process of acquiring E Commerce, AI and machine learning startups, Clinical data processing and management companies.


This is our vision of active offense, and starting again, our mission is to extend Calsoft’s long track record of success for into the future…to do so ..we have set a…. “mission” … Calsoft must continue to serve as a trusted partner and advisor to businesses that strive to lead their industries by becoming increasingly productive and innovative. We helping clients digitize their products and services, personalize their customer experiences, automate their essential processes, and modernize their technology infrastructures. Above all, we enable them to deepen connections with their clients in ways that drive greater customer intimacy and spur growth.

Technical & Professional Services

We provide technical and professional services for key clients and  major industries, our goal is to become a full-chain Information Technology Service Provider to Serve regional and global clients 

Helping Our Large Customers Transform

Large customers in key industries globally have moved from the concept of  digital transformation to actual implementation.

In this round of construction, India’s software service companies have gained first-mover advantages. These changes will become our opportunities to “overtake” our peers.

“Sailing on the same Boat Strategy” headwind to build CsDigital 


We are in the process of developing and launching a “cloud-based software industry park”.  CsDigital, to support small IT Enterprises,  gather software service ecosystem, enhance the efficiency of local software industry, and support transformation and upgrading and innovation development of traditional enterprises.

“Shares the Same boat” CsCloud Computing 


CsDigital will co-construct a new ecosystem for ITS industry CsCloud. Our goal is to become a strategic partner that “shares the same boat”, as we further bundle both parties’ functions and services.

“Breakthrough in Bottlenecks” CsBigData

The premier global market intelligence firm predicts that the big data and analytic market will grow from USD130 billion to USD203 billion from 2016 to 2020.

YESHGEECOM - Digital Transformation of E Commerce Solutions By AI Integration 

By 2020, more than 80 percent of Ecommerce applications would be integrated with AI. YeshGeeCom is an open and flexible framework to keep up with this growing list of emerging capabilities with AI integrations. YeshGeeCom can be used to trade B2B (business-to-business) and B2C(business-to-customer) segments.

EYWA - AI assistant for Doctors

EYWA redefine the way people access healthcare. Now the doctors can have virtual consultations with laser focus that can improve patient care. It uses deep-learning methods to diagnosis disease for various use case.  We Team AI, make preliminary diagnosis of various medical conditions simple and efficient in a click away. 

CASP - Conversation Assistance BOT

with state of the art pretraining CASP is a chat-based AI assistance system along with voice support for general purpose information retrieving, querying specific data from database and triggering scheduled tasks with Voice authentication.



Chronscrapper is an automated Data extraction tool used in structuring the data of PDF and scanned documents with advanced Image processing OCR (in handwritten recognition) method followed by Deep Neural Architecture in segregating data.


Moving Towards Active Offense And “Starting Again” campaign develops, a new round of growth for the Calsoft, has opened “Cs Digital, CsCloud, CsBigData CLIDAC, CLISAC, ARGCIC, CLPM, YESHGEECOM, CASP,  CHRONOSCRAPER, EYWA” in association with Clinevo and TeamAI, we will be on the offense. The Calsoft ‘s future is worth the anticipation!


Although I’ve been in my new role, I have learned how deeply intertwined  we are with our clients. It is clear to me that Calsoft’s future lies in doing what we excel at: investing in talented, diverse, and engaged associates in an inclusive culture, identifying client needs and industry trends, and responding quickly with tailored solutions that facilitate client success.

We are  fortunate to be surrounded by a deeply experienced leadership team, a fully engaged Board of Directors, and  passionate colleagues around the world who share the work we are privileged to do every day. 

We are committed to advancing Calsoft’s pivot to digital and spurring  the next phase of success by staying focused on our associates,

clients, and shareholders.


We are at new starting point to integrate more than 1000 contracting companies, 10000 service providers and 100,000 professionals to achieve our vision and mission, with our core values “Keeping True Heart of Kindness, Determination and  Perseverance, Striving for Success, Sharing and Growing with the Customers” that keep us Growing  and win! 


We must firmly and persistently carry forward our values and strive for our  continuous progress, and to score a greater victory.


Dr. Vasudevan Mahalingam

Managing Director and CEO

Vijay Madavan. B. Tech, MBA.,

Director - Technical

Dr. M. Ravichandran

Director - International Operations (USA)

Dr. RS. Chandan, M.Pharm., PhD

Independent Director

Dr. V. Manimala 

Director - Clinical Research

Dr. Murugan Vadivel

Director - IT (USA)

Dr. Chidambaranathan

Director - Research 

Sunil kumar 

Director - Admin