conversational Assistance bot with state of the art pre-training

  • CASP is  voice along with chat based AI assistance system for general  purpose information retrieving, querying  specific data from database and triggering scheduled  tasks with Voice authentication.

  • CASP is modified Deep Neural architecture(BERT) open sourced by Google-research, which has trained on enormous text in understanding the context.

  • The use of voice assistance and chatbots, especially when you are dealing with customers by the thousands and maybe millions, becomes an important part of your offering.

  • Easiest way of information passing and  speed of communication will allows to reduce the mean time by more than 60%.

Key Features

  • Information Querying, Conversational assistance.

  • Application Level-1 support of Issue root cause analysis.

  • Retrieving stats and day to day progress  from data base.

  • Triggering the repetitive processes.

  • Securing information with voice authentication.


Applications Level -1 Support

  • Architecture in  Finding Root Cause of Issues.

  • Logs checking, Issue reporting.

  • Access Control

  • Physical facilities

  • Data and data networks information

  • Transaction Authentication

  • Bank wire transfers

  • Fraud Detection

  • Information Retrieval

  • Customer information for call centers

  • Audio indexing (speech skimming)

  • Personalization

  • Query solving in Call center

  • Voice sample matching,

  • Monitoring

  • Remote time and attendance logging

Use Cases:

  • Domino’s voice-activated ordering assistant

  • The brand, a pioneer in the field, introduced voice ordering in 2013 via the vocal assistant on the Windows Phone, and in 2014 added support for iPhone and Android smartphones.

  • And it’s been a huge success. Two months after going live on both platforms, almost one-in-five US customers are ordering via voice

  • Sephora voice assistant - Sephora app allows users to interact with the brand via the Google Assistant platform in order to book an instore beauty treatment.