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 Calsoft story began in Chennai, India in 1992


                   A strategy for the challenges and opportunities in all businesses is hurt by COVID-19,  now, Calsoft is adapting and preparing for the post-COVID-19 world, and adjusting to its environment to maintain and strengthen its enduring partnerships with clients, just as it has always done over the past 25 years.


                  This pandemic will lead to clients accelerating their shift to operating with digital business models. Due to the changes resulting from digital transformation, business related issues are becoming increasingly significant within the digital services market and see ample headroom for growth in developing digital engineering, artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics, intelligent process automation, Cloud and IoT.


                  Acquisitions are essential to building critical skills and capabilities in strategic, high-growth areas. From 2017 onwards, Calsoft is in the process of acquiring E Commerce, AI and machine learning startups, Clinical data processing and management companies.


                  Large customers in key industries globally have moved from the concept of  digital transformation to actual implementation.  In this round of construction, India’s software service companies have gained first-mover advantages. These changes will become Calsoft’s  opportunities to “overtake” its peers.


“Sailing on the same Boat Strategy” headwind to build CS-Digital

                  Calsoft is in the process of developing and launching a “cloud-based software industry park”.  CS-Digital, to support small IT Enterprises, gather software service ecosystem, enhance the efficiency of local software industry, and support transformation and upgrading and innovation development of traditional enterprises.


 “Shares the Same boat” Cs-Cloud Computing

                    CsDigital will co-construct a new ecosystem for ITS industry Cs-Cloud. Calsoft’s  goal is to become a strategic partner that “shares the same boat”.

“Breakthrough in Bottlenecks” Cs-BigData

                   The premier global market intelligence firm predicts that the big data and analytic market will grow from USD130 billion to USD203 billion from 2016 to 2020.

EYWA - AI assistant for Doctors

                   EYWA redefine the way people access healthcare.

Cs-eCom - Digital Transformation of E Commerce Solutions by AI Integration 

                   By 2020, more than 80 percent of e-commerce applications would be integrated with AI. Cs-eCom is an open and flexible framework to keep up with this growing list of emerging capabilities with AI integrations. Cs-eCom can be used to trade B2B (business-to-business) and B2C(business-to-customer) segments.

                   CS-eCom is Digital e Commerce platform provides the power to create unique and engaging shopping experiences. Recent research from McKinsey shows that 96% of surveyed B2B and B2C businesses have, in fact, changed their sales model to favor online and eCommerce-based selling. On average, this shift has proved fruitful, migration in shopper behaviour to digital commerce has also been persistent. 

                   Calsoft is fortunate to be surrounded by a deeply experienced leadership team, a fully engaged Board of Directors, and passionate employees.

                   Calsoft are at new starting point to achieve its vision and mission, with core values “Keeping True Heart of Kindness, Determination and Perseverance, Striving for Success, Sharing and Growing with the Customers” that leads to great accomplishment. 


  • 1992 - Year of incorporation

  • 1996 -  Listed on major stock exchanges in India

  • 2004 -  Acquired 100% stake in Webspectrum Software Ltd., Bangalore, India

  • 2005 -  SEI-CMMi Level 5 certification Acquired majority holding in Informed Decisions Corp., Alameda. CA

  • 2005 - Acquired majority holding in American HealthNet (AHN) Omaha, Nebraska Set up office in Dubai, UAE

  • 2006-  Acquired majority stake in Inatech Infosolutions , London, UK & Bangalore, India

  • 2007 - Acquired majority stake in Aspire Communications Mysore, India & San Jose, USA 

  • 2008 -  Completed 100% acquisition of Inatech Infosolutions.

  • 2008- Acquired 100% stake in International Innovations Inc., USA

Dr. Vasudevan Mahalingam

Managing Director and CEO

Vijay Madavan. B. Tech, MBA.,

Director - Technical

Dr. M. Ravichandran

Director - International Operations (USA)

Dr. RS. Chandan, M.Pharm., PhD

Independent Director

Dr. V. Manimala 

Director - Clinical Research

Dr. Murugan Vadivel

Director - IT (USA)

Dr. Chidambaranathan

Director - Research 

Dr. B. Duraisamy

 Director - Innovation