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About Us

California Software Company Limited (Calsoft) story began in Chennai, India in 1992.

Due to the changes resulting from digital transformation, business-related issues are becoming increasingly significant within the digital services market. All of which will make our vision, purpose, and strategy more relevant than ever…we are optimistic and mindful of what we need to do to reach our mission.

We see ample headroom for growth in developing digital engineering, artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics, blockchain, gaming, finance, intelligent process automation, Cloud, and IoT.



Calsoft is positioned to provide integrated software and information services, i.e. end-to-end IT services, including User-Interactive and Result- Oriented Web App Development Services, Our UI-UX Designs with innovative Mobile App Development Services Can Create Engaging User Experience For Business, blockchain development offered the most reliable and efficient way for industries to secure and decentralized systems, We provide best solutions for design and development of highly interactive and inventory Point of Sale (PoS), Gaming, blockchain, NFT, DeFi and omni channel ecommerce platforms. We provide effective digital marketing and strategies which boost online presence, and We develop IoT Applications to make Workplace Smarter.

Integrated software and information services


Our efforts have been designed to accelerate the delivery of value to our clients and partners, part of a larger cultural shift at Calsoft toward total client-centricity. We believe that Calsoft can solve our client’s most pressing business problems, bringing together all the necessary hardware, software, and consulting, regardless of whether those solutions come from Calsoft or our ecosystem partners.

Client-centric culture


We are in the process of developing and launching a “cloud-based software industry park”. CS-Digital, will co-construct a new ecosystem for ITS industry, CS-Cloud. Our goal is to become a strategic partner that “shares the same boat”, as we further bundle both parties’ functions and services.

Cloud-based software industry park



Frederick Bendle

Dr. Vasudevan Mahalingam, PhD

Managing Director and CEO

Dr. B. Duraisamy, PhD

 Independent Director


Company Secretary & Compliance  Officer

Dr. RS. Chandan, M.Pharm., PhD

Independent Director

Dr. V. Manimala, MS, PhD 

Executive Director 

Vijay Madavan. B. Tech, MBA.,

Executive Director

Dr. Ashok Godavarthi, M.Pharm., PhD 

Independent Director

Ms. N. Srimathi, MS  

Independent Director


We are more focused, disciplined, and diverse, and move closer to realizing our vision with our core values “Keeping True Heart of Kindness, Determination, and Perseverance, Striving for Success, Sharing and Growing with the Customers” that keep us Growing and winning!


Large customers in key industries globally have moved from the concept of digital transformation to actual implementation. In this round of construction, India’s software service companies have gained first-mover advantages.

These changes will become our opportunities to “overtake” our peers.


Helping our Customers Transform

Our commitment to science and innovationWhile we are focused on meeting the needs of clients today, we continue to shape the technologies of tomorrow. Calsoft continues to advance the fundamental science of computing, driving innovation and pioneering a new era of accelerated discovery.

Commitment to science and innovation


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